Busy busy!

It’s been a busy time for us since we returned from our Christmas Break. First off we set to work with meetings with some members of the BMA marketing team to put more details towards The Bathroom Conference in October.  We have a great theme lined up and some very promising speakers to make the day take off once again. Then we quickly got involved in a forum looking at raising standards of bathroom installers. Government officials and other professional bodies participated in this.  And last week we took part in a conference call (from our offices in the Keele Science & Business Park) with other European Countries looking at ways to introduce a voluntary Water Efficient Bathroom Products label across Europe.  This is exciting stuff since our WEPLS is now looked at as a benchmark. The result of the conference call is that a full blown European meeting has been arranged in early February to launch the idea for taps and showers.  It’s been a productive few weeks.