What makes Yvonne Orgill really mad?

“There is absolutely no excuse” exclaims Yvonne Orgill, Chief Executive of the Bathroom Manufacturers Association.  “The recent death of a two year old girl by scalding was both tragic and unnecessary. It really makes me mad to see that such terrible accidents can still occur. Today’s modern bathroom, with its technologically advanced fittings, is safer now than it has ever been.”

The death of the Midlands toddler shows all too clearly how uncontrolled hot water can be fatal. In the past five years over 50 people have died in the UK through scalding.  Over 800 more have been seriously injured and scarred for life. The law has gone some way in addressing the problem and the publishing of Building Regulations Approved Document G in 2010 stipulates the control of hot water to baths by using  thermostatic Mixing valves (TMVs) in bath installations in new dwellings.

“Plumbers have their part to play in reducing casualties. They can help to inform and educate their customers by recommending the installation of a TMV as a simple and inexpensive safety device,” comments Orgill. “And if plumbers, themselves, need more information about these fittings it is readily available at the Bathroom Academy.”  The on line Academy underwent a massive upgrade in 2011 and its series of Industry Guides were completely revised. One of the guides deals specifically with Thermostatic
Mixing Valves and can be downloaded in PDF format, for free, from http://www.bathroom-academy.co.uk/pdf/tmv.pdf

“We have the products and the technology,” says Orgill, “now we have the task of educating and informing the public of the dangers of uncontrolled hot water.”