Not a cosy chat show ...

‘Don’t get me wrong,’ says Yvonne Orgill, chief of the Bathroom Manufacturers Association. ‘This year’s industry conference will give delegates plenty of opportunity to network and renew acquaintances, but the conference is not a cosy chat show. And it’s not a cosy get together and a few beers. This year’s event, as in previous years, is a hard-edged, hard-nosed conference which deals with the issues of the day. This year is all about the most important people in our industry. Customers.’

Eight renowned experts, some of whom are flying in especially, have been engaged to give us their views and experience.  Fundamental questions will be tackled in depth.

‘If you ask any member of staff in the industry who they think their primary customer really is they will struggle to give a definite answer’ says Orgill. ‘Then ask them how they keep track of them, how they decide what to bring to market, and how to add a sizzle to their products and you’ll get the same answers. The industry is developing rapidly. It will only be those companies who are quick on their feet, who know who their customers really are, and who adapt their strategy, that will survive.’

The conference is being hosted by Nina Hossain, the journalist and broadcaster seen regularly on our TV screens.  She will balance the day between the speeches and the audience participation. Questions will be invited from the floor.

‘I’m really looking forward to it,’ comments Orgill. ‘Another day of inspiration followed by the BMA Members media awards and Gala Dinner.

A cosy chat show? Definitely not!

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