Hear that noise?

Hear that noise? 

It's the sound of the bandwagon gathering speed.

Yes, there is something of a bandwagon going on at this year’s Bathroom and Kitchen Business Conference. It’s started rolling and given that you never want to miss a trick, you might like your company to climb aboard. Join the phenomenon.

You are all invited to get involved, sponsor the event, take space at the exhibition and, of course, book your seats.

You may not have heard (but you should have!) that this year’s conference has introduced not one, but two enormous changes. Here are the details…

About time too
Firstly, as its new name obviously implies, conference has expanded and now includes the kitchen industry. “About time too” we hear you say! The conference has grown over the last decade and is now the biggest, longest established and most confident event of its kind.  The change to include kitchens was an understandable development and is proving very popular. 

Get a part of the action
Secondly, it is now open to sponsorship by BMA members, affiliates, non-members, anybody! For the last few years it was thought wise to exclude members from sponsoring the event. That may have been right some years ago, when the BMA was still an infant. But it isn’t now. Members have been clamouring, even pleading, to get a part of the action so from this year the doors have been thrown open and sponsorship is welcomed from all areas. Members or non-members. 

The bandwagon is away
So there we have it.  The stable doors have been flung wide and the bandwagon is away. You can hear it.

There are a range of sponsorship deals available.  All include space at the 2-day exhibition and all include a seat at the conference itself. Furthermore all sponsors logos feature in every publication whether it’s in print or digital, in conference movies, on the blog.  In fact wherever we can squeeze you in. The list goes on.

Here is a link to the Conference Blog and the Sponsorship form 

But if you prefer to speak to someone try 01782 631619 
email conf2014@bathroom-association.org.uk