Agility is key

Unbelievably it is six weeks since the hugely successful Bathroom and Kitchen Bathroom Business Conference and the industry continues to reap the rewards.  I am constantly in touch with the BMA membership and everyone I have spoken to has mentioned some aspect of the conference which has helped them improve their businesses.

One of its key messages can be summed up in the simple word – agility. 
The President of the BMA, David Osborne, mentioned agility in his closing speech. The world is moving faster than ever and communication is set to be faster still.  So how does the industry respond?  “It is quite clear” said Osborne “that we have to be very quick on our feet if we are to survive.  If there is one thing above all else to take away from this conference it is agility.”

Fiona Hawkins, one of the eight speakers at the event, spoke at length about agile marketing and what it means.  In the future, companies may have to scrap their annual marketing plans but improve the speed, predictability, transparency, and adaptability of the marketing function. The process has to be iterative, allowing for short marketing experiments, frequent feedback, and the ability to react to changing market conditions.

The highest priority has to be to satisfy customers through early and continuous delivery of ‘marketing’ which solves problems and creates real value. Marketing plans have to be developed quickly and companies have to be prepared to change plans quickly.
I earnestly believe that to achieve agility then simplicity is an essential ingredient.  I am reminded of the KISS principle! Close attention to the fundamentals and good design helps to enhance agility.
The messages taken away from the conference were on the one hand very powerful, yet on the other hand very simple.  Just how it should be!

Yvonne Orgill, CEO, Bathroom Manufacturers Association