CEO in Paris at CEIR Congress

The 2012 Annual Congress of CEIR is being held on 3 – 5 May 2012 in Paris. Ourr CEO, Yvonne Orgill, is attending the event at The Tiara Chateau Hotel Mont Royal Chantilly which is hosting this most important event of the European valve industry, where all technical committees will meet and decisions will be taken about the future of the industry.

PROFLUID, the French national association of valves, is in charge of the organisation of the event.

Delegates will be visiting CETIM (Technical Centre of the Mechanical Industry) in Senlis and the CSTB (Technical and Scientific Centre of the Construction Industry) in Marne la Vallee.

External speakers will be debating with delegates on current issues affecting the industry: materials in contact with drinking water, environmental declarations and the economic outlook.

THE WATER LABEL and its adoption in Europe will also be discussed