Results now in ...

Yesterday saw a Yvonne Orgill, the BMA's chief executive, representing members interests on national and local radio.  She was speaking in both live and recorded interviews  and the broadcasts were made throughout the day. The subject was The Water Label which gives consumers an informed choice of bathroom products which can save water.

We now have the results of the activity:

Yvonne's interviews were broadcast on 155 radio stations with a total audience of 30 million people

She broadcast for a total of 4hour 42 minutes air time

Additional activity to come over the coming months includes:

1.       The programme Inside Out will  be carrying the story over the next few days – and looking for key representatives on a local base to participate – members have put forward key spokesperson from their company should the BBC require further input

2.       Parliamentary luncheon at the House of Commons 25 June launching the campaign to the trade/consumer media and Ministers and MP’s – further information will be provided in the coming weeks

3.       Photo shoot of key showrooms who are carrying the Water Label, participating in the scheme will be carried out this week and will be used in consumer media focus

4.       DIY SOS photo shoot will be received this week and again used in consumer media focus

5.       10 Water saving ideas to achieving the ultimate water label bathroom will be developed over the coming months and used in future promotion